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What changes did Erasmus want to make in the Catholic Church?

Can someone please provide a list of reforms that Erasmus wanted to make to the Catholic Church?
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How did Erasmus reply to the free will arguments made by Luther in his "On the Bondage of the Will" book?

The 1524-1526 debate between Erasmus and Martin Luther on free will (plus related issues) conducted in print has been regarded as "one of the most famous exchanges in Western intellectual history&...
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What Greek manuscripts were used for the KJV NT other than the Novum Instrumentum omne?

Erasmus famously only had 7 manuscripts on hand when he compiled the first edition of his "Novum Instrumentum omne". However presumably as his text underwent several revisions after that, and then ...
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Did Luther consider Erasmus an unbeliever, and if so, why?

The introduction to Luther and Erasmus: Free Will and Salvation mentions that Luther called Erasmus an unbeliever: [Luther's] letters and the gossip of his Table Talk are littered with scorn of ...
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What were the major disagreements between Erasmus and Luther during the Protestant Reformation?

Although Erasmus inspired many of Luther's ideas, they disagreed on many subjects, such as whether the Catholic Church should have a moral reform or a reform of beliefs. Did Erasmus disagree with ...
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What reforms did Erasmus seek for the church?

I've long wondered about this. Wikipedia's article on Erasmus notes: While he was critical of the abuses within the Church and called for reform, he kept his distance from Luther and Melanchthon ...
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