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Moral law known through God's revelation.

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How can I do G-d's will if I don't believe in divine command theory? [closed]

St. Alphonsus de Liguori in his tract Uniformity With G-d's Will writes that the greatest thing in the universe is doing G-d's will. But that presupposes divine command theory: the notion that G-d ...
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What is the biblical basis for believing that some sense of Deity exists in humans?

This view is called “Sensus Divinitatis” and is described as the natural capacity for humans to perceive God. I understand from this Wikipedia article on Sensus divinitatis that although the concept ...
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In regards to Commentaries by Origen Adamantius, what were "characteristics of divine inspiration" for authors that create church doctrines?

After reading works by Origen Adamantius regarding scepticism surrounding the divine inspiration of 1 Corinthians 7:17 & 2 Timothy 3:16 written by the apostle Paul, disciples might wonder if early ...
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Is morality objective with God? If so, why? [closed]

Something many theists point to is without God, morality is subjective. For example, an atheist can't justify that murder is intrinsically wrong. If God does exist however, then morality is objective ...
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Has God ever commanded or instructed anything that He himself did not also satisfy?

This obviously includes the 10 commandments and the instructions He gave to Israel, but also includes the things he lead his Holy Spirit to direct the prophets and apostles to say and what he directed ...
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What are the various types of laws that govern our world and lives? [closed]

An answer in another question makes reference to different categories of laws; specifically it references eternal law, divine law, natural law and human law. This got me thinking... does the bible ...
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Is the definition of "sin" subjective? Of whom's morals is it based on?

Whenever I try to determine what is a sin and what isn't I get very confused... I read things by Paul and sins seem to become very subjective... _____ is a sin if you make it a sin through belief ...
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Why is sex between two consenting adults sin? [closed]

My understanding is that murder is a sin because I don't have rights on another person's life in the same way that another person doesn't have rights over my life. Likewise stealing would be a sin ...
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Are biblical laws supposed to be part of Government? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Should biblical laws apply to non-Christians? In the Bible (old and new testaments) there are various laws, some controversial but clearly written otherwise. Are these laws ...
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In Catholicism, what is the difference between Natural Law and Divine Law?

In Catholic understanding, there is a divine law and a natural law. Based on my reading, it seems like Divine Law = Revelation (as a Protestant would call it) and Natural Law = what you could deduce ...
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Seeking a richer Catholic understanding of passion vs intellect as it applies to our first parents

I was tempted to answer this question about freewill and Adam and Eve but I chose not to because all I've got it conjecture and I'm not even sure if it's not borderline heresy on the matter. What I'd ...
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