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Questions tagged [determinism]

Determinism is the philosophical position that for every event, including human action, there exists conditions that could cause no other event.

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What Was God’s Role in the Fall? [closed]

What was God’s role in the Fall (if He had one)? I’m learning about the Calvinist (or perhaps hyper-Calvinist) view of Pre-determinism, and respectfully, it causes me great concern. Perhaps I’m ...
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What is the Biblical Basis, if any, for God hard-determining human behaviour?

As an example of human behaviour: "and he ate" Genesis 3:6. ESV. A. Adam acted out of freewill. B. Adam's action was determined by God positively withholding from Adam the grace to obey Him ...
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How do Christians who believe in libertarian free will respond to R.C. Sproul's critique in the article "What Is Free Will?"?

I'm referring to this article: What Is Free Will?, which is a transcript of a sermon by Reformed Theologian R.C. Sproul (a video recording of the sermon is available in the same article). I highly ...
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What was the Early Church's (ante-Nicene period) view of the interplay between free will (or lack thereof) and salvation?

Did the Early Church (ante-Nicene period) believe in libertarian free will? Did the Early Church (ante-Nicene period) believe in determinism? Did the Early Church (ante-Nicene period) believe that ...
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According to Reformed Calvinists, are all of a person's volitional states causally determined by prior causes in time?

From the Wikipedia article on Determinism: Determinism is the philosophical view that all events are determined completely by previously existing causes. Deterministic theories throughout the history ...
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Is there a Christian philosopher who has published a book challenging compatibilism from the point of view of hard determinism?

A.W Pink in "The sovereignty of God" says in the introduction- "Two things are beyond dispute: God is sovereign, man is responsible". That compatibilist point of view is compared to Libertarian ...
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How is free-will formally defined as distinct from determinism, randomness and determinism-randomness hybrid to support moral responsibility? [closed]

Usually free-will is assumed by most faith traditions as a prerequisite for moral responsibility in order to justify eternal punishment. The argument goes as "you are truly responsible for your ...
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According to Reformed Theology, why do unbelievers deserve punishment?

I read this quote from John Calvin on some website: "...we allow that man has choice and that it is self-determined, so that if he does anything evil, it should be imputed to him and to his own ...
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Has the impact of a practitioner's theological framework on pastoral counseling methodology been studied?

Do any existing pastoral counseling programs take into effect how the theological framework concerning the doctrine of free will affects the counselor's therapeutic approach? For instance, an ...
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Does Christianity say that the events that happen to us are from God? [closed]

Does Christianity say that the events that happen to us are from God? Is it all free will, or free will and God steps in to veto if he wants, or everything from God. I ask because at the Church I go ...
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