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Do some deists believe in Resurrection of Christ? [closed]

I once met one guy on Youtube who says he believes that Jesus was so moraly perfect (secular language to say sinless) that He got attention of the Supreme Being (i.e. God) and that this Supreme Being ...
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Is Deism in Christianity possible? If so, what does it look like?

In short, Deism is more or less that God exists but has not really an interaction with humanity. He just gave a set of natural laws by which he governs people. Now, Jesus came to Earth as the ...
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Does Catholicism Share Some Beliefs with Deism?

Deism teaches the watchmaker analogy, and Catholicism teaches about the gift of free will and the natural order of things. Those seem to have a lot in common. For instance: According to Catholic ...
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Is Christianity with reason wrong? [closed]

Is it wrong to try to reach God with reason instead of faith? I really believe that logical reasoning is the way to get closer to God but since I was a kid my parents and relatives keep telling me ...
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