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a large collection of manuscripts found near Qumran in 1947-1956

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Joseph Smith Translation of verses in Isaiah 42 vs the Great Isaiah Scroll

This question is about the rendering of some passages in the Joseph Smith Translation (JST). This is a collection of verses that add or replace sections of the King James Version which was deemed to ...
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What is older: Dead Sea Scrolls or Septuagint? Which is more reliable?

In the future, I will learn Koine Greek and I will read the New Testament in it’s original language. I will also read the Septuagint. The Dead Sea scrolls are all fragments so They are defined not ...
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What plausible explanation can we find for the points of contact between Moses in the Pearl of Great Price and the Book of Enoch?

The Book of Moses is an extract from Joseph Smith's inspired translation of the Bible and was originally recorded between June 1830 and March 1831 (source). It was published serially in church ...
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How do the Dead Sea Scrolls impact modern apologetics?

I understand that the 1946 discovery of almost a thousand ancient texts in caves on the West Bank has had a significant impact, I'm just trying to figure out what specific changes the discovery has ...
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Do the Dead Sea scrolls describe any prophecy which was fulfilled after they were written?

Is there any manuscript among the Dead Sea scrolls, which foretold something that happened after the manuscript was written?
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The Dead Sea Scrolls and Protestant canon

Has the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls had any effect on which Old Testament books should be considered canonical by Protestants? I didn't know this until yesterday, but the dead sea scrolls ...
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