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For questions about general beliefs, attitudes and practices - ancient or modern - of a group, or Christian attitudes towards these. This includes questions about Christian culture and how Christians respond to contemporary secular cultural.

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Why was Paul allowed to write in jail?

We know that Paul was held under some brutal conditions—his feet in stocks in one case. Yet he was still able to write many letters from prison. Was this during some of his "nicer accommodations", or ...
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Has the Church historically considered biblical texts concerning slavery to be transcultural or finite?

How have the Bible's passages concerning slavery been interpreted and applied throughout Christian history, especially passages such as Exodus 21:2-11, Leviticus 25:44-46, and 1 Timothy 6:1-2? Have ...
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Somebody was born into a culture that has no knowledge of the Christ - could he still "find him"?

If somebody a) has no access to the Bible or any other written document on the Christ and b) has no chance of hearing of "him" through the word of mouth either (because he lives in a culture that ...
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What are the key differences between the Western and Eastern Christianity?

I'm currently reading about Eastern Christianity as a part of my study. Those are the churches that have existed since early times, such as the Nestorians, the Jacobites, the Coptics, and others. But ...
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Joseph reveals himself to his brothers, why the elaborate ruse?

Genesis chapter 42 - 45 recount story of Joseph tricking his brothers who are in Egypt to buy grain, into going back and forth several times from Canaan to Egypt in an attempt exonerate themselves in ...
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Was anyone making a theological point by changing the ending of Jesus Christ Superstar?

So, I'll admit, I love Andrew Lloyd Webber's Jesus Christ Superstar. I've seen it many times, and I've often tried to compare the 1973 and 1999 versions. Grant you, the acting is a heck of a lot ...
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Are contraceptives ok to treat other conditions?

What does the Catholic church teach about the use of the hormone medications normally proscribed for use as birth-control to regulate the symptoms of PMS or other conditions brought on by hormone ...
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Arguments For/Against Spiritual Uses of Cannabis in Christianity? [closed]

As I am aware most Christians regard the physical and spiritual effects of Cannabis as the same as use of alcohol for intoxication, and that its use is not permitted by their doctrines. Contrarily, ...
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What is the history of the concept of a "personal relationship with Jesus"?

It is common these days to hear questions like: Do you have a personal relationship with Jesus? Or... The most important thing is your personal relationship with Jesus. The Bible never uses ...
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Is there any Biblical argument against using "cuss words"? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What does the Bible say about “bad” words? In modern Christianity, we tend to hold a certain set of (approximately) four letter words as taboo words. In Ephesians,...
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How is Christian worship different than Christian religion?

I'm afraid I may have slunk to the depths of troll question engineering, but I'm having a hard time with this answer. According to some facebook meme it is "dictionarily" invalid to argue that "...
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Why is Christianity so popular in (South) Korea?

So, in my world travels with missionaries, it seems like a missionary, if he/she doesn't come from North America, is next most likely to come from Korea*. In seminary, the proportion of Anglos & ...
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What's the evangelical take on "Tebowing" and genuflection

I recently read this blog post from a Catholic blogger who shed some light on the ancient history and purpose of genuflection. While striking his pose, Tebow is praying, and I don't believe any ...
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What is the theological background of the WWJD movement?

What Would Jesus Do? The question is a popular meme, and I guess you could call it a youth movement what with all the bracelets and such. What is the theological background of the WWJD movement? ...
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Are other flood legends relevant to Christians? [closed]

There are different flood legends among several civilizations that are similiar to the flood in the Bible. A flood myth or deluge myth is a mythical or religious story of a great flood sent by a ...
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Source of Christian attitudes towards fantasy and role playing games

I've heard many stories of people who abandoned their role-playing hobby, or burned their fantasy book collections, on the grounds that these were opposed to their Christian faith. What is it that ...
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Is a moral society more open to the gospel than an immoral one? [closed]

One of the answers to Why do many Christians object to same-sex civil marriage? got me thinking. If we work to make the common morals of our society more in line with Biblical morality does that make ...
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