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In the study of systematic theology what is the motivation behind creating the term "Covenant of Grace"?

Sometimes I'm not clear why a systematic theologian doesn't simply adopt the Biblical term "New Covenant" but using terms like "Covenant of Grace". What is the reasoning behind it?...
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How many covenants has God established with humanity and are any of them everlasting?

I found this interesting partial quote from today’s Morning & Evening devotional by Charles Spurgeon. It’s about the “Covenant of Grace”: Jesus is the representative head of His people. In ...
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How do Covenant Theologians explain the Noahic covenant?

In Covenant Theology, the Covenant of Grace is a singular overarching covenant God makes with his people. The various Biblical covenants are understood to be expressions or administrations of this ...
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What is the origin of the Covenant of Grace?

In Covenant Theology the Covenant of Grace refers to an overarching theological covenant which God made on the basis of grace. The various Biblical covenants such as Abraham's, the Mosaic/Deuteronomic,...
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