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The Copts and the Coptic Church, centered in Egypt

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Roman Catholic and being Baptized for a second time in a Coptic church [closed]

I would like to understand if there are any repercussions of being baptized again in a Coptic church to be married there. I want to understand what this does to me in standing with my Roman Catholic ...
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Do the Gnostic Gospels exist online anywhere in original Coptic?

I have seem images and pdfs of the Gnostic Gospels online, but nothing in plain text (copy-pastable) Coptic. Does such a thing exist? I would like to read the original Coptic scripts in full, and make ...
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What was the early Coptic doctrine for beliefs in the afterlife?

I can find plenty of information regarding modern Coptic beliefs concerning beliefs in the afterlife, but I was wondering if that was always the same. I imagine, as with all religions, especially ones ...
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Why does the Coptic church still perform circumcisions?

Circumcision is a requirement from The Mosaic Law: Any uncircumcised male who has not been circumcised in the flesh of his foreskin will be cut off from his people – he has failed to carry out ...
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Why do some Christians (Coptic orthodox and catholic) kiss the priest's hand?

Considering kissing priest's hand is a christianity learning, where did this learning came from? Considering kissing priest's hand is a custom Where did this custom came from, Why it is wide ...
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What is the process by which Pope Shenuda (Coptic) will be replaced?

Following the death of the highest bishop of the Coptic church on March 17, 2012, what is the process by which he will be replaced?
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Are there theological differences between the Greek Orthodox church and the Coptic (Egyptian) Orthodox church?

Is there a theological difference between the Greek Orthodox church and the Coptic (Egyptian) Orthodox church?
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