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Questions regarding The communion of saints. This is the belief that there is a spiritual union amongst the members of the Christian Church, living and the dead, those on earth, in heaven, and, for those who believe in purgatory, those also who are in that state of purification.

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Earliest quote by a Church Father on how saints can add their merit to the treasury which can then be applied to others

About Treasury of Merit The teaching of the treasury of merit (GotQuestions article here) in connection to the communion of saints and indulgences is explained in CCC 1476-1477 and is based on the ...
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In Catholicism, is "offering it up" more aligned to the concept of merit or penance/satisfaction?

What is "offering it up" As a Protestant, the Catholic practice of "offering it up" is new to me, although once I am acquainted with it, it seems very Biblical; see this article ...
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