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Questions tagged [civil-government]

For questions about the government's authority, how Christians should interact with secular governments, the relationship between Church and state, and the relationship between Christianity and secular laws.

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What are the impacts on churches and Christian practice (if any) because of Indonesia's updated criminal code?

The Australian Associated Press reports: Decades in the making, the new criminal code is expected to be passed on December 15, Indonesia's deputy justice minister Edward Omar Sharif Hiariej told ...
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According to Catholic Social Doctrine what duties do Catholics have towards sex offenders on supervisory release?

If a government authority decides to place two child sex offenders on Supervisory Release in a vacant house in the immediate proximity of ones family, should that placement be fought or is it the duty ...
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Was the transition from establishment to voluntary church support made with "little difficulty" in the US?

In A History of American Christianity, Chapter 16, Leonard Bacon writes: The transition from establishment to the voluntary system for the support of churches was made not without some difficulty, ...
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What was the Cathars' / Albigensians' political philosophy?

What was the Cathars' or Albigensians' political philosophy? Was it the same as the Manicheans'? Who were these movements' prominent political philosopher-theologians? All these dualists thought that ...
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Why do churches merge?

Our local mobile church leadership has proposed a merger with another local church. Reasons cited were a) pandemic meant they couldn't meet at the public school they had been using for 8 years so we ...
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