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What are biblical arguments for congregationalist church polity?

The Orthodox and Roman-Catholic Churches argue that the episcopal church polity is the only valid one, citing first and second Timothy and early church fathers like Ignatius of Antioch. What are some ...
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When did lay people first get a vote in the general conferences of the United Methodist Church?

In the news reports swirling around the 2019 General Conference of the United Methodist Church, something struck me as odd – there were "lay delegates" among the 800 delegates able to vote on the ...
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The ramifications of the severing of ties between the Eucumenical Patriarchate and the Russian Church

This may be highly politically charged right now, however can anyone please explain what previously intercommuning churches will be directly impacted by the severing of ties between the Eucumenical ...
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In the Christian Reformed Churches, who evaluates the pastor's theological beliefs?

Note: This question is admittedly a bit technical, but I hope it serves to clarify differences in polity between two distinct but related Reformed traditions in the US. In the brand of ...
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What is the difference between "Elder led" and "Elder ruled"?

In the church government and polity documents (as well as the myriad of meta discussion on the internet) for various Protestant traditions it is common to find either the term "Elder led" or "Elder ...
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How does current Church of England polity compare with Richard Hooker's teaching?

Richard Hooker's Of the Laws of Ecclesiastical Polity (1593) is a foundational document for the theology and ecclesiology of the Church of England. In it, he defends (among other things) the Anglican ...
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What Christian traditions fully embrace the concept of a "local parish church"?

As far as I understand it, the concept of having parishes and parish churches means that regions are divided up geographically, that each region will have a church that is specifically dedicated to ...
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