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The official Christian church of England, and mother church of Anglicanism

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On Bishops Who Refused to Sign Henry VIII's Oath of Succession?

The 1534 Oath of Succession made Elizabeth, daughter of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn, heir to the throne rather than Mary, daughter of Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon. The oath also recognized the ...
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What differentiates a priest, a clerk, a capellanus, a subdeacon and a rector?

I have been looking at the list of rectors of Eversholt church, Bedfordshire, from the Bedfordshire Archives Service Catalogue. The various people listed there are each described as one of: (with ...
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How do I interpret this list of mediaeval rectors?

This is a rewording of the question What differentiates a priest, a clerk, a capellanus, a subdeacon and a rector?. While I asked much the same questions within the body of the article there, the ...
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How does the Anglican Church defend its legitimacy due to the circumstances of its founding?

The Anglican Church (AKA The Church of England) was founded in 1543, and still remains the primary denomination in England, and has made many important contributions, such as the King James Version of ...
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