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Where to find the canons of the Carthaginian Council of 397?

I need the 33d and the 124th canons (rules) of this Synod. Thank you in advance.
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1 answer

Why is the Council of Jerusalem not considered as the First Ecumenical Council of the Catholic Church?

According to the Catholic Encyclopedia, a question about the First Ecumenical Council: Nicaea I (325) I have read that the Council of Jerusalem is labeled as a "General Council." Furthermore,...
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1 answer

What does it mean to say that Vatican II is pastoral rather than ecumenical?

I often hear many people (of more traditionalist bent, but also more moderates) state that Vatican II is pastoral, not ecumenical. What does it mean for a council to be pastoral, and what does it mean ...
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What is referred to as the “Black Week” in the recent history of Catholic Church?

What is commonly referred to as the “Black Week” in regards to the Second Vatican Council in the recent history of Catholic Church? Did it have a standing effect on the administration of the Church?
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2 answers

Do Roman Catholics really venerate Icons and Holy Scripture equally?

The fourth council of Constantinople, held in 869-870 under Pope Hadrian II, is recognized as an official ecumenical council by the Roman Catholic Church (according to The EWTN website ...
6 votes
4 answers

Why did the Council of Laodicea condemn "Judaizing" Sabbath rest?

The Council of Laodicea states in canon 29: Christians must not judaize by resting on the Sabbath, but must work on that day, rather honouring the Lord's Day; and, if they can, resting then as ...
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0 answers

Are there any documented instances where a council settled a doctrinal debate with the assistance of the Holy Spirit, as in Acts 15?

Acts 15 tells us the story of the Jerusalem Council and the importance that the Holy Spirit had in arriving at a final resolution, which was issued to the Gentiles, concerning their obligations toward ...
7 votes
4 answers

What makes a Council's conclusions authoritative?

I was just reflecting on an answer to a question I recently asked, and began to wonder... How do we know the conclusions of a given Council were true? Are all findings by Christian Councils ...