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A sect of Christianity founded by Mary Baker Eddy. It is best known for its teaching that all forms of illness are an illusion that can be overcome by prayer alone.

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Are Christian Scientists against the regulation of antibiotics in agriculture?

Governments around the world are heavily regulating the use of antibiotics in agriculture in an attempt to curb superbacteria. But Christian Scientists believe, as far as I understand it, that ...
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How do Christian Scientists respond to the "poison that nobody knows is poisonous" argument?

Christian Scientists claim that disease is not caused by physical abnormality, but by a mental error. Skeptics sometimes use this argument against that: "Suppose somebody drinks a glass of water ...
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How do Christian Scientists respond to the jellyfish argument?

Christian Scientists believe that illness is caused by a mental error, rather than a physical abnormality. In other words, that all diseases are psychosomatic. Critics say that, if that were true, ...
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Do Christian Scientists believe that COVID-19 really is a virus?

Christian Scientists deny the Germ Theory, right? If so, how do they explain COVID-19?
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What do Christian Scientists mean when they say death is an illusion?

Christian Scientists say that illnesses are an illusion and, as far as I understand it, what they mean by that is that all illnesses are psychosomatic. But they also say that death is an illusion. ...
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Which is closer to traditional Christian doctrine: Judaism or Mary Baker Eddy?

Regarding the existence of the evil side in every individual, Judaism and Christian Science teach two conflicting doctrines. Judaism teaches that the evil side (Heb. yetzer hara) is an essential and ...
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Christian Science Monitor: a socially acceptable source among conservative Christians?

My beloved (somewhat conservative) presbyterian-pentecostal mother spends hours every week on dubious, supposedly Christian websites and then regurgitates their dubious prophesies and conspiracy ...
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Why would orthodox Christians consider Christian Science unorthodox if it essentially a mix of Augustine and healing?

Why is Christian Science considered unorthodox? How is Mary Baker Eddy's neo-platonism different from Augustine's, Aquinas', Calvin's, Jonathan Edwards', et. al.? How is her understanding of the ...
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What does Christian Science teach about mental illnesses?

I understand that Christian Science believes that a person with a physical disease should not seek out medical treatment, but instead rely on prayer. Wikipedia says that adherents believe …that ...
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