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What are the receptions of Olivet Assembly in these countries?

What are the receptions and reputations of Olivet Assembly in these countries? US South Korea China (Is it also called Young Disciples of Jesus (耶稣青年会)?) From limited search results, it looks like ...
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Is there a way to find out which denomination a church calling themselves "福音派" belongs to?

Some underground church in mainland China said that they are a branch of a Christian denomination called "福音派", which also exists in US and other places in the world. But they were not able ...
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Is the King James Bible banned in China?

I understand there are state-sanctioned churches in China, but that implies that Bibles in China are edited by the CCP. Would an Anglican Bible be legal, or at least easy, to bring into China?
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What are the present conditions (or restrictions) regarding professing Christians in Hong Kong?

What are present conditions like for professing Christians in Hong Kong, both as private citizens and as gathered fellowships, in view of the political changes since 'comprehensive jurisdiction' was ...
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How has the Chinese Patriotic Society modified the Bible in China?

Listening to The World Over Live from April 8th 2021, Raymond Arroyo said that Xi Jianping was adding the "Ten Commandments of Xi" into the Bible. That might have been hyperbole, but does ...
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How does Christianity view such persons who are Xianpo(s)?

I live in China, and there is a kind of person called Xianpo here. The Xianpo can talk to the dead soul, and the soul can tell the Xainpo what he saw. One day, I told the Xianpo that I met a woman, so ...
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Did early Chinese Protestant actually call God "(old) Gentleman of Fiery Magnificence", as Wikipedia says?

The Wikipedia article on 'Chinese names for the God of Abrahamic religions' claims that: Protestants originally rendered [the Tetragrammaton] as Yéhuǒhuá (爺火華, literally "(old) Gentleman of Fiery ...
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To what extent did the Chinese government force Catholic priests to marry?

In his book The Souls of China, Ian Johnson writes about a type of religious persecution that was inflicted on some groups in China during the Cultural Revolution (1966–76): Across the country, ...
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May the Pope waive the requirements of Canon Law in the appointment of bishops?

Earlier this year, as part of the effort to normalize relations between the Vatican and China, the New York Times reported that the Vatican asked one of its bishops to step down to make way for a ...
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What theological differences distinguish the Three-Self Patriotic Movement and the house church movement in China?

State-sanctioned Protestant Christianity in China — the Three-Self Patriotic Movement — is a bit of a mystery to me. I'm wondering to what extent the Communist Party censors the ...
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Has a pope ever visited Macau?

Has any pope ever visited Macau? I can't seem to find any information on it. If a pope hasn't visited Macau before, why not? The Catholic Diocese of Macau is directly administered by the Holy See so ...
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What do Chinese Catholics call their priests?

This Catholic article explains and defends the usage of the word, "Father," in reference to priests. Now, in the Chinese language, people have a tendency to use the same familial words for society at ...
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