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For questions concerning the Chalcedonian Definition, a creedal statement on the two natures of Christ

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Is it Proper to State that Chalcedonianism is a Moderate Position In-between Nestorianism and Monophysitism?

I am reading the book The First Seven Ecumenical Councils by Leo Donald Davis. This is my first introduction to Trinitarian and Christological disputes within the Early Church. It appears to me: ...
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Does the Chalcedonian Definition mean Christ has two minds?

In the seventh century two Christological doctrines were determined to be un-orthodox and in contradiction to the Chalcedonian Definition: that Christ has one "energy", and then that Christ has one ...
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Why is Jesus Christ only one person despite having two minds?

I think this question haven't been asked yet here. The teaching of Chalcedonian Christianity (including the Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, and Protestant churches) is that Jesus Christ exists as one ...
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What does it mean that "the two natures of Christ cannot be separated"?

The Ausberg confession states of Christ in the Chief Articles of Faith, Therefore, he has two natures, one divine and the other human. They are united in one person and cannot be separated. What ...
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Is it permissible for a Catholic to believe in Miaphysitism?

The Chalcedonean Definition is the official Christology of the Catholic Church. It states that Christ is a single person with two natures: human and divine. These two natures are neither divided nor ...
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What were the Apostolic Fathers's contributions to Christology which survived to Nicene (325 AD) and Chalcedon (451 AD)?

The Apostolic Fathers is a special group of church fathers who personally knew or taught by the apostles. Some of their writings were even considered to be included in the canon although ultimately ...
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What is the source of this quote testifying Mary's assumption?

In the article, The Assumption of Mary: A Belief since Apostolic Times of EWTN it states: At the Council of Chalcedon in 451, when bishops from throughout the Mediterranean world gathered in ...
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Is God fully Jesus?

In normal logic we can say "All odd numbers are numbers." But we cannot say "All numbers are odd numbers." The reason is explained here. However, we can say "Zero is none" or "None is zero". ...
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