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A 12-14th century Gnostic movement that believed there was a good God who created the spiritual realm and an evil God who created the physical realm.

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What was the Cathars' / Albigensians' political philosophy?

What was the Cathars' or Albigensians' political philosophy? Was it the same as the Manicheans'? Who were these movements' prominent political philosopher-theologians? All these dualists thought that ...
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In Catharism, did they use as a guide any books of the Bible and if so, which?

Cathars are known for having been a community which did not believe good things about the Old Testament deity and were based in the Languedoc region of today's southern France around the 12th century. ...
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Jansenism's views of marriage?

What are Jansenism's views of marriage? Were they akin to Manicheans' and Albigensians'? Who was a prominent Jansenist who wrote about marriage?
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If the premise for Marcion's Two Principles (Dualism) is correct; which words in the Bible belong to the Demiurge?

If the premise for Marcion's Two Principles (Dualism) is correct; how does one decipher which words in the Bible belong to the Demiurge from those of the True God? Marcion of Sinope (Wikipedia) ...
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What was the explanation for why Catharism identified the Old Testament God as Satan?

According to the a Wikipedia article on Catharism (a Gnostic Christian movement in the 12th to 14th centuries): The idea of two Gods or principles, one being good and the other evil, was central to ...
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Are there any followers of Catharism today?

I'm interested by Catharism. Is there anywhere in Christendom where this faith has reappeared since being suppressed in the Middle Ages? I know that today some people in France, near Spain, are ...
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