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Relating to catechumens, that is, those receiving instruction in the principles of Christianity

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Can a baptized Protestant (but not confirmed as Catholic) receive absolution from a Catholic priest?

Let'say I was baptized in a Protestant church (for example, Presbyterian) that is in the list of churches whose baptism is recognized by the Catholic church (such as this list). But let's say I'm ...
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Why did St. Monica defer St. Augustine's baptism?

St. Augustine's mother, St. Monica, was very devout, praying for St. Augustine's conversion, even following him to Milan and successfully getting Bishop St. Ambrose to baptize him, Easter 387. But why ...
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Why did ancient catechumens delay baptism as long as possible?

The Wikipedia articles on affusion and catechesis contain the following (unsourced) claims: The most common use [of affusion], however, was for ill or dying people who could not rise from their beds. ...
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What is a Catechism and when and how did they originate

One Protestant source says it wasn't until the 16th century that the word "catechism" came into use and it refers to the Heidelberg Catechism, first published in 1563 and approved by the Synod of Dort ...
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Is there a 'correct' pattern for Anglicans and/or Roman Catholics when crossing yourself?

Some Anglicans 'cross themselves' at various points of an Anglican church service. It is common practice for Roman Catholics. Is there in standard Roman Catholic or Anglican catachesis / instruction ...
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Is an adult convert to Catholicism required to accept everything in the Catechism before he/she is baptized?

Prior to being baptized, a prospective adult convert to Catholicism attends the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA) wherein they are taught the Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC). ...
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How do new converts to Christianity learn about the Bible, Christian faith, and Christian practices?

When a person converts or decides to convert to Christianity, they might believe in Christ but not have a strong body of knowledge and understanding of the Bible. They also may know very little about ...
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Eucharist for Catholic Candidates after Easter Vigil?

I realize that the Eucharist is taken for the first time at Easter Vigil, but is it continued for candidates of RCIA through Confirmation, or is it a received for the second time at confirmation?
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How do Baptists catechize children?

If Baptists do not believe in the formalized confessional creeds of the church, then how do they catechize children? In the Small Catechism, Martin Luther notes that learning the Creeds is very ...
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According to Catholic law and rules, is postponing of the Rite of Acceptance OK?

This is a follow-up question for Are those instructed before baptism considered catechumens before entering the catechumenate formally? In Czech Republic the pre-baptismal formation is often called "...
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Are those instructed before baptism considered catechumens before entering the catechumenate formally?

This question and its answer reminded me a question I wondered about a long time ago: the ritual of entering catechumenate usually takes place some time during the process of pre-baptismal catecheses (...
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When did Christians switch from an ‘immediate baptism’ to ‘after years of instruction and scrutiny’ baptism, such as in the Apostolic Tradition?

According to this article ‘Catechumen’ means one receives instruction from “a catechist in the principles of the Christian religion with a view to baptism”. I understand that some churches have this ...
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