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Does 19th century Canadian Presbyterian teaching prohibit wearing flowers to church?

Cross-posted from History SE, since comments there indicate this might be the more appropriate SE. In the novel Anne of Green Gables, Anne wears a hat with flowers in it to church, and is criticized ...
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Does the Catholic church support its participation in genocide? [closed]

In Canada, the residential school system - run by the Catholic church took children from their families and indoctrinated them in Catholic ideology. They abused and buried children in unmarked graves, ...
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Can a Catholic be denied communion for the way they want to receive Communion?

I was at a gathering of group leaders for the Federation of North American Explorers, (a group operating under the FSE; a Vatican approved lay association of the faithful). A leader from Quebec said ...
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In Canada, is it true that when Mormons first arrived (1887) they weren't allowed to settle within 50km of Lethbridge?

In 1886, a Mormon named Charles Card was directed by the then President on the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, John Taylor, to go north and find a suitable settlement site in Canada. In ...
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Relative popularity of premillenialism, postmillennialism and amillennialism in North America (excluding Catholics and Orthodox)?

There has been some discussion on SE about the differences between the various schools of eschatological thought surrounding the 1000 years ('the millennium') described in Revelation chapter 20. I am ...
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Which Christians refuse vaccinations on religious grounds?

There are reports of a measles outbreak in a Christian school in British Columbia, Canada. News reports speak of this as a community with "traditionally low vaccination rates" and say that many ...
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