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Questions tagged [born-again]

A term given to someone who has come to accept God, and has been reborn, or "born again", in spirit.

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Is John 5:24 speaking of being born again?

John 5:24 (ESV) Truly truly I say to you, whoever hears my word and believes him who sent me has eternal life and he does not come into judgement but has passed from death to life. The verse states ...
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How do Evangelical Protestants understand the relationship between "intellectual assent" and the experience of being "born-again"?

I'd like to start this question by citing the definition of intellectual assent provided by the article Is faith intellectual assent?: To give intellectual assent is to agree with something on a ...
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If the kingdom of God is invisible, in heaven, how can seeing Jesus be key to seeing it as he is also invisible, in heaven?

This question is based on four texts dealing with this matter. John 3:3 where Jesus said to Nicodemus, "Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of ...
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Are Christians consciously aware of the first time they received the Holy Spirit?

I don't know if there are statistics on this, or if the answer depends on the denomination, but are Christians usually consciously aware of the first time they received the Holy Spirit? Is the ...
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According to Christians who believe that salvation can be lost, what is spiritual rebirth, what is eternal life and can salvation be regained?

According to Christians who believe that salvation can be lost: What is eternal life? Is eternal life attained now (in this life / before death) or at the resurrection? What is spiritual rebirth? ...
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According to Christian mortalists (aka 'Soul sleep' advocates), does eternal life begin now (before death), and if so, does it continue after death?

Many passages seem to suggest that one becomes born again and obtains eternal life on this side of eternity (before death). For example, regarding eternal life, the Apostle John said: 24 Truly, truly,...
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What does the Anglican Church teach about being born again?

There are several questions on Christianity Stack Exchange about being born again (or born from above) and how this relates to baptism, including infant baptism. However, the question I have been ...
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What is the biblical basis for interpreting "born again", "baptized in the Holy Spirit" and "filled with the Holy Spirit" as different experiences?

In the New Testament we find expressions such as being "born again", being "baptized in the Holy Spirit" and being "filled with the Holy Spirit". I can't pinpoint ...
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According to Catholicism, does reception of the gift of the Holy Spirit protect against demon possession?

A Catholic answer to this question regarding instances of animal-like behaviors in spiritual movements in history included reference to the Loudon possessions in 1634 in France in which a group of ...
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When someone converts to Christianity and is "reborn in Christ," is it the body or the soul that is reborn, or both?

I understand this question can be approached from different denominational positions, depending on how one interprets John 3:3-5. Jesus replied, "Very truly I tell you, no one can see the ...
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2 answers

Do paedobaptists suggest that a baptised infant is really 'born again'?

This question is for Protestant Trinitarians and addresses the divide among the various denominations of Protestantism, particularly Presbyterianism, Congregationalism and Anglicanism, who baptise ...
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What is the biblical support for being 'born again' (or' born from above') in this life?

Many think they are 'born again' when they are baptised on receiving the Holy Spirit as a gift from God. However, it seems apparent from the scriptures that being 'born from above' happens at our ...
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Indwelled by the Holy Spirit — VS — not indwelled by the Holy Spirit according to the Calvinist?

I will quote a few points that I found from Regeneration in the Old Testament. It can be clearly demonstrated that regeneration is an occurrence in both the Old and New testaments But the ...
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Has the term "born again" always been synonymous with baptism with the Christians of the Early Church?

Has the term "born again" always been synonymous with baptism with the Christians of the Early Church? St. Irenaeus (202) wrote the following in 185, which many claim it refers to infant baptism: ...
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Is the Promise of Regeneration Enunciated in the Old Testament?

Regeneration of the human spirit is a cornerstone doctrine of the New Testament, taught in Jesus’ famous ‘born again’ discourse with Nicodemus. (John 3) Likewise, St. Paul explains our restoration in ...
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How did the Born Again teaching be associated with one first believing in Jesus Christ?

Many Protestant Christians believe that you become born again as soon as you believe on Jesus Christ. Many believe that this teaching is clear in the opening verses of John chapter 3. How did this ...
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Raised Catholic, I was born again at age 19, felt led to be baptized by Immersion. Does this condemn me? [closed]

I now trust in Christ alone, the Catholic Church anathema me, so now I am damned (according to them). How is it that Jesus Christ alone saved me and they can condemn me? Living in peace for my ...
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Should those who fall away and return to the church be baptized again? - Overview

It is not uncommon for believers to be faithful for years, but "fall away", only to return years later with a reaffirmation of faith. Often this is common with teens who have a "wild" 20's and 30's, ...
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Who are "Born again" Christians?

"Born again" is a term most often attributed to Christians. Yet what exactly does it mean, and what does the the use of the term encompass? What is a "born again" Christian? Are they of a specific ...
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Is the biblical idea of being "born again" compatible with eastern religious ideas of reincarnation?

Just a simple question: is the biblical idea of being born again compatible with eastern religious ideas of reincarnation?
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