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What do we know about the author of "The Patristic Gospels: An English Version of the Holy Gospels as They Existed in the Second Century"?

The author's name given in the book is as follows: Roslyn D'Onston. I saw a footnote in reference to this book while doing some reading so I looked it up. I was happy to find that the work was ...
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Which of the Gospels were written by eyewitnesses and why?

Were the Gospels written by eyewitnesses? Which ones? What do scholars & historians have to say on this? What are the best arguments for the eyewitness authorship of (some of) the Gospels? Even if ...
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The Historicity of David, Pilate, and the Philistines

I've looked at the discoveries of things like the Tel Dan Inscription or the Pilate Stone which testify to the existence of David and Pilate. I read that before such archeological discoveries, the ...
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