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Did scholars doubt Belshazzar's existence before 1854?

I was doing some research on people's views on King Belshazzar mentioned in Daniel 5. All the Christian apologists who defend the book of Daniel mention that his existence was disbelieved among the ...
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Which of the Gospels were written by eyewitnesses and why?

Were the Gospels written by eyewitnesses? Which ones? What do scholars & historians have to say on this? What are the best arguments for the eyewitness authorship of (some of) the Gospels? Even if ...
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Non-Christian scholars who believe in the attributed authorship of the Gospels

Modern scholarship tends to reject the attributed authorship of the gospels. But are there non-Christian scholars who believe in the attributed authorship?
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Is there a consensus among Christian scholars or apologists as to which Biblical prophecies have been fulfilled?

Questions such as Biblical Prophecy and Fulfillment and Which prophecies have definitely been fulfilled? have already been asked in the past, but they have been closed due to their wording that ...
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Are Bible commentators considered scholars?

I am quoting a bible commentator for a paper I am writing, and was wondering if I should say, "One scholar says..." or if I should just stick with "One commentator says..."
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