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The Christian practice of personally reading the Bible regularly

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How to get the most out of the Bible with just one reading?

I grew up Catholic but lost my faith in teenage years. Regardless, the Bible has been very influential until this day and it has some pretty neat stories. I now want to read the Bible seriously. I ...
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Does the New Testament say that Christians should read the Bible every day?

I would like to know whether the Bible says that Christians should read the Bible every day. In the old testament, I have found some verses which say that Jews should read the Law every day. For ...
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Funeral Reading - opening/closing

I’ve been asked to read psalm 23 at a funeral next week. The service is being led by our Church of England vicar. Does anyone know what is traditionally said at the beginning and end of the reading? I’...
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What is a good beginner reading-level Bible book for adults? [closed]

I have a friend who is foreign born and her English is good but she needs to improve her reading and writing skills. It is jeopardizing her job situation because she can't read/write emails very well. ...
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Is there any evidence that some Christian leaders discourage lay Christians from reading the whole OT or NT?

I am interested in the three Abrahamic religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam, and their languages, Hebrew, Aramaic and Arabic. I have read the whole Hebrew Bible all the way through twice and the ...
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Reasons many Christians not reading the Bible both OT and NT? [closed]

As you can see from my 'autobiography' I am not particularly denominationaly religious but interested. I have read the whole Hebrew Bible all the way through twice and the whole four Canonical gospels ...
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Support Material for Reading the Bible

I will start by describing some methods (and what I dislike about them) for studying the Bible. Then, I will describe the method I would like to use to study the Bible. Lastly, I will ask for ...
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What is the importance of reading the Bible? [closed]

I have heard many pastors encouraging their members to read the Bible daily. Why do we have to read the Bible daily? Is going to church and listening to sermons not enough?
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What is the importance of reading the Bible personally in Catholicism?

What is the importance of reading the Bible in Catholicism? Can a Catholic anticipate going to heaven by only attending the masses and going to Confession, but never read the Bible at home? Does ...
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What is the argument in support of personal interpretation of the Scriptures?

The Catholic church teaches that only the Church (Magisterium) has the right to interpret Scriptures whereas Protestant churches typically believe that anyone has that right. What is the argument ...
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In what order should the books of the (Protestant) Bible be read? [closed]

The Bible is probably one of the most historically significant books for the Western civilization, so it should be a worthwhile read for many a literature geek. In which order should it be read, then?...
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