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In what specific ways does the content differ between the standard edition and the student edition of The Apologetics Study Bible?

My question is how to compare and contrast the contents of The Apologetics Study Bible and The Apologetics Study Bible for Students. It is clear from the title that the latter is targeted toward ...
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Which Bible translations did Aquinas use when writing his commentaries and citing them in his theological works?

We know that early in his career (as baccalaureus biblicus, before he wrote his Summa) Aquinas lectured on the Bible and wrote his own commentaries in addition to using the Catena aurea as well as ...
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Hugh of Saint-Cher's complete Bible commentary (Postillæ in totam Bibliam)?

"Hugh of Saint-Cher († 1263) was the second Dominican Master of Theology in Paris, and the first Dominican cardinal" (n. 39) who, "through the persuasion of Master [St.] Albert [the ...
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