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Does Neo-Thomistic theology teach it's necessary to believe in the existence of God, before believing in the historicity of Jesus' resurrection?

In a recent interview, Bart Ehrman appears to contradict himself in regards to how at one time he believed the resurrection of Jesus was an historical event. The video interview can be found here. ...
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How does Ehrman support his assertion that the "we" passages in Acts represent a false claim to eyewitness status for those particular events?

A Wikipedia article on the Authorship of Luke–Acts has a quote from Bart E. Ehrman commenting on the stylistic insertions of the "we" passage as indicating a forgery: According to Bart D. ...
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How do apologists defend against Bart Ehrman's arguments that Church scribes corrected and changed the Bible to fit their theology?

Bart Ehrman seems to be the atomic bomb of the Christian community, having released books like Misquoting Jesus and Jesus Interrupted, which call into question the reliability and inerrancy of the ...
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Refutations of, or Thoughts on How Jesus Became God (Bart D. Ehrman)

Are there any published, written or recorded (audio or video) responses to the claims Bart D Ehrman makes in How Jesus Became God? I'm currently reading this and Misquoting Jesus as part of an ...
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