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Authority of God, the Bible, the Church, etc. For earthly authorities, consider [civil-government].

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How do traditional Christians defend the teaching that Paul is an authentic apostle?

I want to preface this by saying I don't believe Paul was a false Apostle. I must either view his Apostleship as authentic, or throw away everything I believe. Removing Paul's writings and influence ...
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How can Protestants authoritatively declare something wrong or heretical under Sola Scriptura?

Within Protestantism there is no universal definition of theology or how to understand the Bible: Anglicans have one definition, Lutherans another, Calvinists another, (insert name here), etc. So ...
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What is the doctrinal or Scriptural basis for a central Church authority?

As explained in a previous question, one Baptist Distinctive is the rejection of a central Church authority (whether an individual or a governing body). Instead, we hold fast to the autonomy of the ...
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What deuterocanonical books are quoted in the New Testament? [closed]

When talking with a Catholic friend (I'm a Protestant) about the apocrypha/deuterocanonical books, it occurred to me that a possible argument for their inclusion in the Canon would be their authority, ...
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Why do Baptists believe in the autonomy of local congregations?

Why do Baptists reject the idea of a central authority and instead place authority in the local congregations? Does this have a biblical basis or is it a result of past conflict with authority figures?...
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What is "apostolic authority"?

Some Christian traditions use the term "apostolic authority". What is meant by this phrase? Does it have more than one meaning depending on which doctrinal tradition it is coming from? Are there any ...
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How did the Crusades affect the Pope's power and authority?

How did the Crusades affect the Pope's power/authority, during and after the Crusades? The Crusades, from Wikipedia The Crusades were a series of religiously sanctioned military campaigns, called by ...
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Why does the Roman Catholic Church not hold to the perspicuity of Scripture?

From the very limited research that I've done thus far, it seems that the RCC does not hold to the perspicuity of Scripture. I'm not positive that this is true, though it seems to be. The meaning of ...
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In Protestant churches, who is the authority in interpreting the Bible?

I need a better understanding of Protestant teaching on who has the authority to interpret Sacred Scripture.
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What are the current views of the Catholic Church on the right to secession?

I’ve recently heard an interesting opinion that no entity has moral right to exercise authority upon any social group that is unwilling to remain under this authority (excluding inmates). Therefore, ...
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How does Pope Benedict XVI reconcile conscience and authority?

A recent talk by Father Bob Pierson 1 quoted Joseph Ratzinger (as he then was, now Pope Benedict XVI) as saying that the individual conscience must overrule ecclesiastical authority. I was intrigued ...
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How comparable are the concepts of the Teaching Magisterium in the Catholic Church and the Jehovah's Witnesses view of their Watch Tower society?

Just how comparable is this particular aspect of each group's ecclesiology? If from an academic viewpoint there are marked similarities, is there an identifiable Jehovah's witness perspective on the ...
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How does the Catholic Church respond to the claim that its authority to interpret scripture is based on circular reasoning?

I've heard the claim that scriptural references to the establishment of the Catholic Church and its authority to interpret scripture is circular reasoning. From a conversation I was having with a ...
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What is the LDS Law of Common Consent and why is it important?

The LDS Church is perhaps unique in the idea that instruction and change within the Church isn't simply automatic — that Church leaders can't simply do what they want. This doctrine is embodied ...
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Is the Catechism of the Catholic Church considered scripture?

Is the Catechism of the Catholic Church considered scripture? Does it have the same authority as the Bible? If not, what is its place in the church? Is it considered heresy to preach or believe ...
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Protestant Interpretation of John 20:23 in Light of Matthew 9:8?

How is: John 20:21-23 Εἶπεν οὖν αὐτοῖς ὁ Ἰησοῦς πάλιν Εἰρήνη ὑμῖν καθὼς ἀπέσταλκέν με ὁ Πατήρ, κἀγὼ πέμπω ὑμᾶς καὶ τοῦτο εἰπὼν ἐνεφύσησεν καὶ λέγει αὐτοῖς Λάβετε Πνεῦμα Ἅγιον ἄν τινων ἀφῆτε τὰς ...
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