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Authority of God, the Bible, the Church, etc. For earthly authorities, consider [civil-government].

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How do those against the traditional monepiscopacy deal with Ignatius of Antioch?

It's often claimed that 'Ignatius is the first to believe in the monepiscopacy' (that a bishop runs a church region with the assistance of presbyters/elders) or that 'churches were simply run by a ...
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Do Pentecostals disagree with women preaching?

On whether or not women can be preachers, know several who disagree: Voddie Bauchman, John MacArthur, Norman Geisler, John Pipper, Albert Mohler, Yago Martins (from "Dois Dedos de Teologia"),...
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Theologians who compared the tripartite division of civil authority to the Trinity?

Pope Pius XI, encyclical Quas primas (1925) instituting the feast of Christ the King, says that the "lordship of Christ […] consists […] in a threefold [tripartite] power which is essential to ...
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