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Reference request: Trying to locate the reference of a quote by Pope Athanasius of Alexandria about the Trinity

I read this quote for Saint Athanasius of Alexandria in an Arabic book, but I am trying to locate the source (reference) of that quote (in which work for Athanasius), or something of the similar ...
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Was Athanasius a Sabellian?

For an overview of Sabellian theology, see - The Sabellians of the Fourth Century. The main characteristic is that God is only one hypostasis (Reality or Person). Jesus Christ, therefore, is not one ...
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On the Contributions of St. Athanasius at the First Council of Nicea?

In 325, the bishops gathered at Nicea (with Athansius present not as a bishop but as a deacon-secretary to the Bishop of Alexandria) for an ecumenical council---in which the Council declared that the ...
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St. Athanasius on Papacy?

What did St. Athanasius believe about the Papacy and are there any special mentions of the bishop of Rome in his writings?
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Did Athanasius and the Nicene Fathers draw the conclusion that Arius worshipped the Entity called ‘the Devil’?

Did Athanasius and the Nicene Fathers, in their condemnation of Arius, draw the conclusion that the personage which Arius is actually describing (and whom he, presumably, worshipped) is really the one ...
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Are there any surviving (English translated) works by Athanasius about the Apollinarian heresy?

As I've looked around the internet at reactions to Athanasius' magnum opus On the Incarnation, I've seen some accusations of latent Apollinarism. The work was published before the Apollinarian heresy ...
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