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Finding a mural of an unknown cathedral?

I am looking for the name of the cathedral that contains the following mural. What I know for sure is: That it has been done between 2004 and 2008, more likely in 2008. It was made in a Catholic ...
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Looking For a Specific Illustrated Children's Bible

I'm looking for a very specific illustrated children's Bible that I cannot remember the name of. It has very stylized illustrations (non-realistic bodies, skin colors, etc). I remember this ...
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In Catholic art imagery, how is hell symbolized?

In Catholic art and imagery how is hell symbolized? If a symbol does exist for it, why was this particular symbol chosen? In other words, does hell have a symbol?
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Did the early church allow statues and images in church?

Protestants are against having statues and images and often quote Exodus 20:4, but Catholics and Orthodox Christians have beautiful statues and images in their church, but did the Early Church Fathers ...
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