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Is it historically inaccurate that Jesus is usually portrayed as European looking?

Is it historically inaccurate that Jesus is usually portrayed as European looking, having certain facial and bodily features (muscular)? Would most people follow Him if he did not look white or was ...
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Why do some Christians object to images of Jesus?

Within some branches of Protestantism, many Christians believe that "images of Jesus" are sinful, and that Christians should not attempt to produce them. Some go so far as to say that they should be ...
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20 votes
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Is Knuth's 3:16 project unique?

Famous computer scientist Donald Knuth is also the author of 3:16 Bible Texts Illuminated (A-R Editions, 1990). This is a tour of the Bible using the methodology of "stratified random sampling", where ...
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What does the Bible say about the appearance of angels? [closed]

In Christian art, angels are often depicted as winged human-like creatures. However, I'm curious if there is any justification for this in the Bible? I've sometimes heard that there isn't, so that's ...
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What is the significance of position of fingers in Jesus' hand as shown in his images?

In most of the visual images of Jesus – both in picture and sculpture forms – fingers of His right hand, raised in blessing, follow a particular arrangement. Is there any significance to that ...
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Are the images of Jesus drawn with blond hair and blue eyes correct? [duplicate]

Lately I heard that, as an inhabitant of ancient Israel, it is more likely that Jesus had dark skin and probably had hair that was a little curly. Why is it that illustrations always show him with ...
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Why do images of saints often depict them with unusual hand gestures?

Many saints are often depicted holding a book or some other object. However, I have noticed that there are quite a few that have unusual hand gestures. Why is this? Augustine of Hippo Index finger, ...
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What's the significance of this image for Jehovah's Witnesses?

I was browsing through the friends of one of my Facebook friends. One of them is, I am guessing, a Jehovah's Witness because some of their posts have Jehovah's Witness-related entries such as photos ...
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11 votes
2 answers

How did the four living creatures become associated with the Gospel writers?

The visions of Ezekiel recorded in Ezekiel 1 and that of John in Revelation 4:7 include four living creatures (ζῷα) that stand in the presence of the throne of God. In both visions these heavenly ...
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What is the meaning of the large statue of a pine cone in Vatican City?

What is the meaning of this statue in Vatican City?
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Where did the religious symbol of the 'halo' come from?

I once read somewhere that the 'halo' was inherited by Christianity from ancient worshippers of the Sun.  However, although this seems believable I never bothered to verify its historic credibility - ...
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In Eastern Orthodoxy, how is an icon recognized as inspired?

In a discussion on imagery and icons, the Orthodox Study Bible says: Every image, or icon, of Christ has significant theological content. For it proclaims anew the Incarnation of God, who "became ...
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What does spikenard have to do with St Joseph?

The coat of arms of Pope Francis includes references to Jesus (the sun with cross, nails, and IHS), Mary (the star) and Joseph (the cluster of flowers). The association of the flowers with St Joseph ...
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Is there any biblical basis for the Church to depict Jesus as a European or some other ethnic race?

The reason I ask is that the Most Rev Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury (Anglican Church of England) was recently interviewed on BBC Radio 4’s ‘Today’ programme and said that in the wake of Black ...
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What was the ante-Nicene Fathers' view on image veneration?

What was the ante-Nicene Fathers' view on image veneration and its use inside churches?
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Is there a written tradition that would explain why John the Evangelist is often depicted in art as effeminate?

John the Evangelist is often depicted in art as effeminate (e.g. long hair, clean shaven, gentle face), as illustrated below. This is especially apparent when compared with other males in the same ...
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Is the Marvel Cinematic Universe an expression of "The Modern Attack"?

When Hilaire Belloc wrote The Great Heresies there wasn't a great name for the modern materialist dogmatic theology, he referred to the culmination of enlightenment ideas that constitute the current ...
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