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Nontrinitarian theological teaching attributed to Arius, in which Christ was created by and is distinct from God the Father.

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What Scriptures did Arius use to support teaching that Jesus was created?

Arius probably quoted the following: Revelation 3:14: These things saith the Amen, the faithful and true witness, the beginning of the creation of God. Psalm 8:5–6: thou madest Him Proverbs 8:22–25: ...
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What are the biblical arguments against Arianism?

In the same spirit of the question: What are the Biblical arguments against modalism? Arianism, the idea that the Son is inferior to the Father, is considered a heresy by most Christian denominations....
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What are the soteriological implications of Arianism?

A friend recently made the following statement regarding the heresy of Arianism: The conflict was about the nature of Christ before the Creation of the Universe. It was a Philosophical/Metaphysical ...
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Why was Theodosius successful in ending the Arian Controversy?

In the conventional account of the Arian controversy, the council of Constantinople in the year 381 made an end of that controversy. In reality, the controversy was brought to an end by Emperor ...
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Is there a link between Socinianism and Sir Isaac Newton's conclusion to his Principia Mathematica (1687) where he attacks the Trinity doctrine?

This linked question What was Isaac Newton's view of the Trinity? was useful with the answer giving one quote from John Byl's article 'Newton and the Trinity' where Newton said that the great ...
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According to Jehovah’s Witnesses, in what way is Jesus human?

From what I understand, Jehovah’s Witnesses believe in a form of Arianism that claims Jesus is “the son of God”, but he is inferior to “God the Father”, as he is usually understood as “God’s first ...
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Was there any controversy over the validity of sacraments during the Arian Controversy?

During the Arian controversy, were sacraments (especially baptisms and/or ordinations) performed by one side or the other considered invalid by their opponents? Were there any "official" ...
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What was the real issue between Arius and Bishop Alexander at Nicaea in 325?

The conflict between the presbyter called Arius and his bishop Alexander of Alexandria, which began somewhere in 318/19, quickly spread through Egypt and Libya and the other Roman provinces [KAYE, ...
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