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Why do Christians use "Lord" and "God" instead of "Yehueh" and "Elohim"?

Sefer Ha-Mitzvoth of Maimonides, Volume two, Negative Commandment 63: "Neither shalt thou profane the name of they God: I am the Lord." Lev. XVIII, 21. "And you shall not let any of ...
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What is the oldest published translation of the Lord's prayer into a Jewish (as opposed to Syriac) Aramaic dialect?

Not necessarily 1st century Galilean Aramaic, it can be the Imperial Aramaic used for parts of the book of Daniel, or the Targumic Aramaic used in the interpretive Jewish translations of Scripture. ...
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How would I write Jesus in in ancient Aramaic?

I would like to know how to print out Jesus is God in Aramaic specifically the Aramaic Christ spoke.
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How do you say "My Lord and my God" in Aramaic or Hebrew?

Thomas said, "O Κύριός μου καὶ ὁ Θεός μου" (koine Greek), "My Lord and my God" (English). What would he have said in Aramaic (Hebrew?) in John 20:28? Would it relate to Adonai and ...
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How many languages had the Hebrew Bible been translated into by 30 CE?

I had thought that the Old Testament had two versions: Greek and Hebrew. Today, from this link I've found that before the Greek Bible, there was another version, the Aramaic Bible. During Jesus time, ...
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Some questions concerning Aramaic in the Old Testament

I'm wondering which parts of the bible were written in Aramaic? I believe certain parts of Daniel were written in Aramaic. Which parts exactly and is there anywhere else in the bible that were written ...
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Why aren't some words like "Maranatha" or "Talitha Cumi" translated in English Bibles?

Why aren't certain words like Maranatha, Talitha Cumi, Eli Eli Lama Sabachthani, etc., not translated in the Bible? Rather, the words are directly written and then their meaning or interpretation? As ...
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Liturgical prayer in Aramaic?

Which Aramaic speaking Christian Church(es) uses a dialect of Aramaic in their liturgy that is the closest to the dialect that Jesus of Nazareth spoke in Palestine some 2000 years ago? Jesus spoke ...
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What is/are the Hebrew/Aramaic word(s) for "devil" in The Passion of the Christ movie?

What is the word used for "devil" in Mel Gibson's movie "The Passion of the Christ" during the scene where Christ is interrogated by the Sanhedrin? The word "devil" appears in the English subtitles ...
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Why are some words of Jesus in Aramaic transliterated in the Gospels of Mark?

There are a few instances in the Gospels where the words originally spoken by Jesus are transliterated . For instance, we see at Mark 5:41 ;" He took her by the hand and said to her, “Talitha koum!” (...
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How do Bible scholars reconcile the differences between Greek and Aramaic in John 21:15-17?

John 21:15-17 recounts a powerful conversation between Jesus and Peter, where Jesus asks Peter, three times, if he loves Him. Greek has several words for "love". In Greek, the dialogue goes like this: ...
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Why did Jesus use a Greek proverb when He spoke Aramaic to Saul in Acts 26:14?

Saul spoke Greek, Aramaic, Hebrew, and Latin (there are many references). Jesus spoke Aramaic, Greek, and Hebrew (again there are many references). In Acts 26:14, Paul (who at this time was using his ...
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Why didn't the Jews understand "Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani"?

And about the ninth hour Jesus cried out with a loud voice, saying, "Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani?" that is, "My God, My God, why have You forsaken Me?" Some of those who stood there,...
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Why does Mark 15:34 say "Eloi, Eloi, lama sabachthani"?

In all Christian Bibles the translators wrote this verse in the same language and translated it, (maybe it's Hebrew which I don't know) but why only Mark 15:34 in the whole, is it because when Jesus ...
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What evidence is there that the New Testament was originally written in Aramaic?

The Hebraic Roots Bible makes the claim, The original New Testament was not written in Greek, but Aramaic. I thought that only the Gospel of Matthew might have been written in Aramaic, and that ...
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Jesus' quotation of Septuagint - Greek or Aramaic?

Having read this and this, I am convinced now that Jesus spoke Aramaic. However, I also know that many times He was quoting Septuagint, which is a translation of the Old Testament into Koine Greek. I ...
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