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Hand Picked Bible Applications [closed]

I understand that my question pokes at a sensitive area, but being a nonreligious person in a largely Christian region, I find it extremely dissatisfying to leave such a core aspect of my neighbor's ...
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Is there a Christian response to dying in dignity or assisted suicide?

There is a raging debate in the province of Quebec on the question "Does someone have the right to kill another because the first one is suffering?" There are more and more cases in the news that look ...
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Looking for a website with the 1984 NIV Bible version

All the Bible websites that I know of have updated their NIV Bibles to the 2011 version. I used to use to access the 1984 version, but it now looks like it also has been updated to ...
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Is it sinful to be a "prayer squirrel"?

My question arises from a preacher's Facebook post condemning the practice of being a "prayer squirrel" (i.e., getting distracted while praying). He offers the following as an example of ...
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Take your cross, how do evangelicals do this in practice - Matthew 10:38

What does picking up your cross look like practically speaking for evangelicals? What does picking up your cross mean in every day life? ——————————— I’ve read the related questions to this verse “...
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When did the Catholic definition of saint change and how is the change applied in personal study?

The current Roman Catholic definition of saint appears to be something like the following: Most people use the word “saint” to refer to someone who is exceptionally good or “holy.” In the Catholic ...
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How can I fairly use copyrighted bible translations in an app? [closed]

This question establishes that most copyrighted translations have a fair use clause allowing for up to 500 verses to be used. This question further clarifies that the 500 word limit is "reset" each ...
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