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Questions tagged [antinomianism]

The belief that there are no moral laws God expects a Christian to obey. Literally means "against the law"

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What basis could there be for an 18th century Christian to say that "Gnostics were the Antinomians of their day"?

I read that claim in an article written by A.M. Toplady (reproduced in a 2020 Christian magazine.) Toplady (1740-1778) did not go on to give his reasons for that claim, apart from adding, "An ...
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Why did Luther say "Sin boldy"?

I've heard it reported that Martin Luther told his parishioners to "sin boldly". I'm not sure if this is based in fact and his writings or something that is made up by Catholics to paint him badly. ...
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Is "You cannot love your neighbour unless you love yourself" a form of antinomianism?

The second great commandment, "You shall love your neighbour as yourself," is often turned into "You cannot love your neighbour unless you love yourself." Is this a form of antinomianism? If not, how ...
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What was the justification of morality in Puritan Antinomianism?

As far as I know, Puritans were devout Calvinists. According to Theopedia, Antinomianism is associated with disobedience to the established authority, so it may be connected with the idea of ...
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What is the biblical basis for Antinomianism or extreme Grace?

What is the biblical basis for systematic Antinomianism, or, if you prefer, extreme Grace? I am looking for someone with first hand knowledge of its teachings who can justify this view. Wikipedia ...
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