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Questions tagged [angels]

They are spiritual beings often depicted as messengers of God in the Old Testament and New Testament. There are also fallen angels, who chose to follow Satan.

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What medieval theologians debated whether angels are male or female?

Hildebrand, Man, Woman, and the Meaning of Love, § "Friendship Between Man & Woman", §§ "There are many spiritual differences between the sexes" claims: In the Middle Ages the ...
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What is the view of guardian angels, of saints now in heaven, appearing on earth?

In Acts 12:15 it is argued by some that at least one person may have thought Peter's angel might have talked like him. See the reference to Matthew 18:10 that speaks of guardian angels. In Jewish ...
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What explains the similarities in appearance between Jesus and a certain angel?

The primary physical description for Jesus is Revelation 1:13-15. I noticed that this physical description is essentially identical to the angel in Daniel 10:5-6 (unnamed, maybe Gabe). Each is/has: ...
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How are God, angels, men and devils related, according to the Scriptures?

I see a lot of pseudo-Scriptural mysticism on the subject of the identities of angels and devils, men and God. I say mysticism not to dismiss attempted explanations categorically, but because the ...
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What prayers to use for vespers before an 'Angelic Feast' when the feast is raised to a solemnity?

Assuming Ken Graham's answer is more correct than Andrew Leach's on this question: If your the cathedral parish of your diocese has burned down, is the feast day of the patron saint still a solemnity? ...
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What are the teachings or biblical understanding, why God assigned Lucifer to guard the Holy Mountain?

You were anointed as a guardian cherub, for so I ordained you. You were on the Holy Mount of God. (Ezekiel 28:14, NIV) God is an all powerful God, the creator of Heaven and Earth both the visible ...
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