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Traditionalist Christian fellowships, theologically Anabaptist and known for plain dress and simple living

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Do Amish have fire alarms?

I'm pretty sure that people legally need to have fire alarms in every building. But what about Amish? Are they exempt from that law or do they follow it?
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Are modern Amish much more dissimilar from society than the original generations of Amish?

I read that the Amish trace their roots back to the late 1600's. It seems to me that their culture is vastly different than the mainstream, in part because of mostly (but not entirely) rejecting ...
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What do the Amish believe with respect to Creationism?

I realize there are numerous denominations of the Amish, but I'm wondering whether any or all of them believe in the literal, six-day creation and a six-thousand-year-old earth. I've looked in many ...
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What is the Amish view on the use of social media?

Not even sure if they would classify themselves as Christians, but what is their view on social media?
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What is the reasoning behind the Amish practice of avoiding technological advances?

The Amish seem to believe that it is somehow wrong to utilize technological advances, such as the automobile, electricity, etc. What is the basis for this belief (among those that do this for ...
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What happened to the the practice of women covering their heads?

Why don't more Christian women wear a covering? Most people today might associate the idea with the Old Testament, but references to the custom are actually found in the New Testament too: 1 ...
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What is the difference between the Amish and Mennonites?

I've heard of different groups, typically technology-rejecting ones, being referred to as "Amish" or "Mennonite". Is there a difference between those two terms? What do these groups believe?
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