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For questions pertaining to the person of St. Ambrose, Archbishop of Milan.

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Where in St. Ambrose's writings do Virgin Mary's title "Mother of the Church" appear?

About Mater Ecclesiae When reading the Wikipedia article Mother of the Church (Mater Ecclesiae), I was surprised how ancient the title was, and how it was only rediscovered in 1947 by a German Jesuit ...
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Why did St. Monica defer St. Augustine's baptism?

St. Augustine's mother, St. Monica, was very devout, praying for St. Augustine's conversion, even following him to Milan and successfully getting Bishop St. Ambrose to baptize him, Easter 387. But why ...
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How can I find this letter from Ambrose?

In more than one work I encountered the following format: (epist. 50[25],2f) or (epist. 49[59],3) In referring to letters(?) written by Ambrosios of Milan, "epist." is explained as "Epistulae." ...
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What is the source of this numbering anomaly in Ambrose's De Officiis?

In at least two editions of Ambrose's De Officiis (On the Duties of the Clergy) there is a numbering anomaly in Book 1, Chapter 38, where paragraph numbers 190-199 are skipped, and paragraph number ...
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Renouncing the devil during baptism

In "On the Mysteries" (De Mysteriis) [English], Chapter 2, St. Ambrose wrote, After this the Holy of holies was opened to you, you entered the sanctuary of regeneration; recall what you ...
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What is to be understood by Mary being the "mother of the church"?

Ever since St. Ambrose of Milan there has been a line of thinking that Mary is the "Mother of the Church" - what is to be understood by this title?
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