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What happens to people who have never heard about Jesus? [closed]

There seems to be general consensus inside Christianity that in order to be saved, you must have faith, and that this faith has to be in Jesus Christ. Here is one verse sometimes cited for the ...
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What happens to non-believers or believers of other religions after death? [closed]

What happens (according to Christians) to people who specificially rejected the idea of God, the Bible and the christian teachings after they die? Is there a difference to people who believed in ...
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According to believers in the inexorable damnation of the unreached, how is God not unfair for letting someone be born in unreachable conditions?

It is a fact of history that many unfortunate people have been born in conditions where it has been pretty much impossible for them to even dream of having a chance to hear the message of salvation -- ...
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Why is faith the quality that God chooses to reward?

Assuming that faith in Christ is what gives sinners access to grace and salvation, and that faith is necessary because the alternative (knowing God) would leave no room to actually measure our ...
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Are there any Christian groups or denominations that believe that non-Christians have access to the power of the Holy Spirit?

In response to my question How does the power of the Holy Spirit manifest in Christians, as opposed to non-Christians who don't have access to this power?, a user commented: Perhaps this question ...
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What is an overview of Christian viewpoints on the eternal destiny of individuals who die never hearing the Gospel?

Many individuals die never having heard the Gospel. Some illustrative examples are: pretty much everyone who was born before Jesus, individuals contemporary to Jesus but who were too far away at the ...
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How do Christians who emphasize the "religion vs. relationship" dichotomy respond to claims of "relationship with God" in other religions?

Many Christians emphasize the importance of having an actual relationship with God/Jesus as opposed to merely being religious. The previously asked question What is the origin of the "religion vs....
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In the tradition of Jehovah's Witnesses, does Romans 6:23 mean that all people who are resurrected have their sins blotted out?

Since the Bible itself says there is to be a resurrection of the good and bad (Acts 24:15) how do Jehovah's Witnesses explain their position that death blots out the sins of all? If death blots out ...
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What is the biblical basis used by Reformed theologians to argue that all those dying in infancy are saved?

In American Presbyterianism and Reformed theology more generally, one of the controversial issues has been the fate of children dying in infancy. The Westminster Confession of Faith reads: Elect ...
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According to Trinitarians, can non-Trinitarians experience regeneration, sanctification and a Spirit-led life despite not believing in the Trinity?

Question According to Trinitarians, can a Christian who lacks a belief in the Trinity still live the Christian life to its full potential? In other words, can non-Trinitarians experience spiritual ...
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According to Charismatic Christians, do those who never hear the gospel of Christ go to hell?

I'd like an overview of what Charismatic Christians believe regarding the unreached. Are people who have never heard the gospel of Christ going to hell? For example: infants, fetuses, mentally ...
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Is believing in God for salvation the same as believing in Jesus as Christ?

I'm interested in answers particularly from Evangelicals who might disagree with this idea, as well as those who agree with it. I'm especially interested in theological considerations — i.e. does this ...
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Why does bible say we all are sinners?

I'm not a Christian myself but got this question after hearing a sermon on my daily TV. There they were communally saying, "Christ died for our sins and we are all sinners and we just are nothing ...
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Why would non-Christians go to hell?

If being a non-Christian is a sin, and if Jesus died for all of our sins, why should non-Christians go to hell?
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Which Christian denominations believe that God can be credited for the spiritual transformation and sanctification of a Muslim?

I would like to delve into the Christian perspective on whether God can be credited for the healing process of an individual who, initially not a Muslim, converts to Islam and undergoes genuine ...
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