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Is Jesus truly God? [duplicate]

I was looking for an answer that I could link someone to, but it looks like this question has not been asked yet. I am looking for an answer that is as direct and conclusive as possible. Does or does ...
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According to mainstream Christianity, who is God? [duplicate]

This question also relates to it: What is the Biblical basis for the doctrine of the Trinity? Growing up I've been led to believe that God is God, and Jesus is God's son. But others have also ...
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What is the Biblical basis for the doctrine of the Trinity?

The word/term "trinity" is never used in the Bible. However, most Christians believe that God exists as three persons in one God-head. This question has two parts: What is the Biblical basis for the ...
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Does Jesus ever claim to be God, or the son of God?

While I understand there are many potential passages in the Bible of Jesus claiming to be a messiah (which I understand to mean "anointed"), a king, or one through whom it is necessary to know God, I'...
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What is the Biblical basis for unitarianism?

I ask this mostly in reaction to this question: What is the Biblical basis for the doctrine of the Trinity? From what I've seen, the majority of Christians believe in Trinitarianism, but some believe ...
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What passages support that God once walked the earth as a man?

I thought that God once walked on the earth as we do now, but I can't find that in the bible, offhand. I thought that Joseph Smith taught that he walked with us and was once a man. What bible ...
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What assures Christians that they alone are saved?

Christians claim that "they are saved by the sacrifice of Jesus." But there are also members of many other faiths who claim that they are saved. For example, apart from affirming Jesus to be the ...
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What is the biblical basis for Jesus having two natures?

A comment by Nigel: The dual nature of Jesus Christ is such that Deity and humanity meet in one Person. The natures neither mingle, nor merge, nor 'switch'. They are two distinct things. They meet ...
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What is the biblical basis for Jesus' eternal pre-existence (as opposed to having been created a long time ago)?

I know that many verses can be cited to argue for Jesus' pre-mortal existence (e.g. here). I'm also perfectly aware that a question asking for the biblical basis for Jesus being God incarnate has ...
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What reasons do Catholics have for believing Jesus is God?

Through natural reason and personal experience, I have come to be convinced that many of the Catholic Church's teachings are good and accurate. In addition, by reading Aristotle and Aquinas, I have ...
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