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What is the doctrine of the Trinity?

What is the doctrine of the Trinity as defined by Christianity? Obviously there are three entities involved: God the Father, Christ, and the Holy Spirit, but is there more to the definition?
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What was the light of the first day of creation? [closed]

In the Genesis account, the sun and stars are created on the fourth day: Gen 1:14 And God said, "Let there be lights in the expanse of the heavens to separate the day from the night. And let ...
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Does the Catholic Church teach that Jesus' Human Nature was created?

I think this is one of the reasons the we can call Mary the Mother of God. But I'm confused about the exact meaning of Human Nature and Human Soul. So my question is mainly this. What was created ...
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What is the source DNA for the body of Jesus? [closed]

This question focus on the physical body used by Jesus during his time on Earth. I believe there is much biblical support for and little question that the body of Jesus gestated in the body of Mary ...
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What is the difference between Apollinarianism and Eutychianism?

Both Apollinaris and Eutychius believed in one divine subject Christology that the only and whole person of Christ is a divine person, the Logos. Not a divine-humane person. Their Christology were ...
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Why must the hypostatic union be viewed as taking place at Jesus' conception?

What are the reasons why Trinitarian orthodoxy holds that the Word had to make his hypostatic union with the man Jesus Christ at the point of his conception in Mary's womb rather than later at his ...
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Is it Proper to State that Chalcedonianism is a Moderate Position In-between Nestorianism and Monophysitism?

I am reading the book The First Seven Ecumenical Councils by Leo Donald Davis. This is my first introduction to Trinitarian and Christological disputes within the Early Church. It appears to me: ...
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What is the difference between original sin and original guilt?

This is a question that every convert to Eastern Orthodoxy always asked. The question can be stated differently: Does the Catholic doctrine of Original Sin include Original Guilt? Fr. John Romanides ...
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Are Christians monotheists and what is the nature of Jesus? (i.e. Give me the basics of Christianity please) [closed]

I am not familiar with Christianity so I have some questions. 1- Is Jesus one and only god? I have read some other questions and answers and I have found that there is a real God and Jesus is his son ...
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Why do adherents to Hypostatic Union believe that God the Son (Jesus) must be fully Human?

Orthodox teaches that Jesus assumed the full human nature. Why is it necessary that he is fully human?
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