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What are Christian apologetics refutations of the objections posited by the site: Why Won't God Heal Amputees?

The site: Why Won't God Heal Amputees? Relevant quotes: Is God real, or is he imaginary? Is God real, or is he imaginary? It is one of the most important questions you can ask yourself. If God is ...
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Praying for someone's salvation. Is there a point? [closed]

According to I Timothy 2:4 (NIV), God "...wants all people to be saved and to come to a knowledge of the truth". But since we have free will, God cannot make us choose to accept the salvation that is ...
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Why should we pray if God knows everything? [duplicate]

If God knows everything, then why do we pray? For example, my dad is in the hospital, and he's really sick. So I pray to God to help my dad get better. Doesn't God know he's in the hospital and in ...
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Effectiveness of prayers of intercession

I understand that there are many different reasons to pray: confessing your sins, thanking God for daily provisions. However, many people pray for intercession and believe in the possibility that ...
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Why pray if God is omniscient? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What is the purpose of Prayer? What the question says, why do people pray if God knows everything?
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According to the Catholic Church, why should we pray if God has already decided the best future for all of us?

According to Roman Catholic Church, if God knows everything, including the future (which he does, if he's omniscient) Refer : What is the biblical evidence for God's omnipotence and ...
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Purpose of prayer? [closed]

Let's assume both a non-believer and a Christian has a fever. The Christian prays to God for healing of his fever. The non-believer doesn't do anything. 1 week later both recover from their fever. ...
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Why do we explicitly need to ask for help through prayer? [duplicate]

Since God is omniscient not only does he know all of our hardships but he also knows that we want him to help us through said hardships. Why do we explicitly ask for help through prayer?
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How does prayer and action affect God's plan? [duplicate]

Here is a scenario to explain my question. If God planned to give you a car on your 30th birthday but you did not pray for it, will he not give it to you? Or what if its not in his plan to give you a ...
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Can prayer change God's mind? [duplicate]

Since the Bible states that God has a plan for us, and he is in charge of our lives, then if he wants your family member or friend to die of cancer, and you don't, and you are praying for him to get ...
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