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Which Christian Churches or Denominations subscribe to sacerdotalism as essential?

Based in part on answers to this question, this definition from the Merriam-Webster dictionary: : religious belief emphasizing the powers of priests as essential mediators between God and humankind ...
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Why do so many Christian religions claim The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons) are not Christian? [duplicate]

What does the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints lack in Christ oriented teachings or doctrine to be considered a Christian church for those who claim otherwise? Maybe it's not what they lack ...
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Can Muslims be considered Muslims and Christians at the same time in the sight of God? [closed]

There are a number of Christians (groups that believe in Christ and name themselves "Christian") who don't believe in the Trinity. Many of these are broadly considered Christians. Muslims ...
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What is the difference between the "burning in the bosom" of Mormonism and the more general "inner witness of the Holy Spirit" of Christianity?

When it comes to having epistemological certainty that one's beliefs are true, Mormonism has the so-called "burning in the bosom" experience. Please see this related question to find a few ...
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What is the theological significance of the label "Christian", according to evangelicals?

Recently, I have noticed a trend here of people fighting to deny self-identifying Christians who deny parts of the Nicene creed the label Christian. I am of course talking about LDS and I guess the ...
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Are there any Christian denominations that consider LDS (Mormons) to be Christians?

A recent Pew poll of Americans found that a majority of Christians consider Mormons to be Christian, with 51% saying 'yes' compared to only 31% saying 'no'. So, of those having an opinion, 62% say ...
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Do any Protestant denominations recognize Latter Day Saints as Christians?

Correct me if I'm wrong but I think the Catholic, Anglican, and Orthodox churches do not so that leaves the Protestants. By Protestant, I mean the 'mainstream' Protestant denominations, with minimal (...
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Why were early Mormon leaders so critical of traditional Christianity?

Why have the LDS Prophets made the following statements regarding the beliefs and teachings on traditional Christians? "What is it that inspires professors of Christianity generally with a hope of ...
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Is LDS baptism considered valid by the Roman Catholic Church?

Mormons use a Trinitarian formula when baptizing [cf. D&C 20:73]. Yet I've heard that the Catholic Church does not recognize Mormon baptism as valid. When, what, and from whom was the ...
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Why do JW think other faiths are unbelievers?

Why do JW think other faiths are unbelievers? I have a JW friend and we have always respected each others faiths. I would ask Questions about her faith and she would answer, with out getting it ...
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