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Where does the concept of a "God-shaped hole" originate?

There's a concept that I heard used many times throughout my life in regards to idolatry. The idea is that inside each of us is a "God-shaped hole"--a place inside of our hearts that only God can ...
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What are the main differences between 7th Day Adventists and Catholic/Protestant churches?

What are the main differences between 7th Day Adventists and Catholic/Protestant churches?
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What is the Biblical basis for the belief that Jesus is Michael?

Congregations such as the Jehovah's Witnesses and Seventh-day Adventists believe that Jesus is Michael. What is the Biblical basis for the belief that Jesus is Michael? Jehovah's Witnesses is ...
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From where do Jehovah's Witnesses derive the doctrine that Jesus was and now is Michael the Archangel?

According to some Watchtower literature, it is taught that Michael the Archangel is Jesus and that Jesus, after He ascended into heaven, resumed the name of Michael. "It proves Michael the ...
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Did Baptist and Methodists ever believe that Jesus is Michael the Archangel?

I recently found references that suggest both Baptists and Methodists used to believe that Jesus and Michael the Archangel are one and the same. This surprised me because both Baptists and Methodists ...
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What is the biblical basis for the belief held by Jehovah's Witnesses that Jehovah and Jesus Christ are separate entities?

According to Jehovah's witnesses what evidences are there in the Bible that Jehovah is not Jesus Christ? What passages separate them, or declare them as different?
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The founder of Zion's Watch Tower Charles Taze Russell made the following statements and now directly contradict new information by the organization

One of the statements is from the November 1879 Watch Tower page 48. Mr.Russell clearly states that all the angels including Michael are to worship Jesus and I agree ...
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Don't the questions of Hebrews 1:5 and 1:13 demand an answer of 'None'? So how can Jehovah's Witnesses say that Jesus is the archangel Michael?

There's a suggested duplicate to this question but that question deals with how the Jehovah's Witnesses explain the begotten divinity of Jesus while still maintaining that He is unequal to God. This ...
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Why is Michael mentioned in an end time prophecy detailing the resurrection and the judgment if he is not Jesus Christ?

The angel Gabriel foretells what many Christians interpret to be the Great Tribulation, followed by salvation of the saints and the judgment of the wicked. Daniel 12:1-3 “At that time Michael shall ...
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Who learned that Abraham would even sacrifice his son in Genesis 22:11?

Most translations say that "Now I know that you fear God" and I refers to the angel in the previous verse. But Open Theists say that God is learning, that "I" refers to God, but I don't see that in ...
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