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What is the Scriptural Basis Against the Trinity [duplicate]

Trinitarianism, or the Trinity, is the belief that God exists as three persons (God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit) seperate, but co-equal. This view is labelled as a heresy by some ...
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What is the Biblical basis for the doctrine of the Trinity?

The word/term "trinity" is never used in the Bible. However, most Christians believe that God exists as three persons in one God-head. This question has two parts: What is the Biblical basis for the ...
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What is the Biblical basis for unitarianism?

I ask this mostly in reaction to this question: What is the Biblical basis for the doctrine of the Trinity? From what I've seen, the majority of Christians believe in Trinitarianism, but some believe ...
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Why is it important for people who believe in Trinity that Jesus is God?

I've heard a lot of discussion lately about whether Jesus is God, or not. I know there are arguments for Trinity, and arguments against. But I am wondering, why is it so important for those who ...
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What percentage of self-identifying Christians believe Jesus was not God, and instead was a messenger of God?

Does such sect inside Christianity exist?
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What is the biblical basis for the Athanasian Creed's statement that believing in the Trinity is necessary for salvation?

The Athanasian Creed states: Whosoever will be saved, before all things it is necessary that he hold the catholic faith. Which faith except every one do keep whole and undefiled; without doubt he ...
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According to the doctrine of Trinity, was Jesus always co-equal to the Father?

So I'm trying to understand the Trinity. I always thought of it like this: Jesus was 100% divine when he was with the Father. In other words, he was fully co-equal to the Father. Then, when he became ...
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What's the difference, if any, between the Swedenborgian and Oneness Pentecostal doctrines of God?

Both Oneness Pentecostals and Swedenborgians could, it seems to me, be described as "modalist" in contrast with "trinitarian." Obviously there are plenty of general differences between the two church ...
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What do non-trinitarians mean when they call Jesus the "Son of God"?

On a different question I got an answer and some comments. One of which said: Generally, when a Christian says that Jesus is the "Son of God" they are referring to the doctrine of the Trinity, ...
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What does God mean by 'us' in Genesis? [closed]

What does this mean in the Old Testament: Genesis 3 Verse 22. And the Lord God said, Behold, the man is become as one of us, to know good and evil. How through the fall from the Garden does it say ...
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When in the development of trinitarian doctrine was the word "persons" first applied to God?

In the Bible, the word "persons" is not used in reference to God, nor are the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit called "persons." When, in early Christian writings and creeds, was the word "persons" (...
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According to Protestants, what is the biblical basis of Jesus being "one substance with the father"?

The only place in scripture where the relationship of the substance of Jesus with the substance of God that I can find in the scriptures is To the Hebrews:1:3 which actually says that they are of ...
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What is the Biblical basis for the belief that Trinitarian belief is “not” required for salvation?

What is the Biblical basis for the belief that Trinitarian belief is not required for salvation? The Athanasian Creed states "And in this Trinity, no one is before or after, greater or less than ...
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From a non-Trinitarian perspective, how would you show that the Bible does not teach that the Son is equal with the Father?

See below for a more precise definition of the question. Two Views among Evangelicals Ted Peters says that if anything, contemporary mainline Protestant and Roman Catholic trinitarian thinking is “...
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How do nontrinitarians view Jesus? (overview) [closed]

What is an overview of how nontrinitarians view Jesus?
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