This question got me thinking. I was an atheist gradually drifting into agnostic territory.

But once I got into my 40s, I came to the realization that the devil does exist in many shapes and forms. Whether God exists or not I do not know and do not care so much.

But I know for sure you could not be really agnostic realizing that at least in part religion is useful at least to establish some framework of reference for good and evil.

This set of beliefs while non-Christian and might be off-topic in Christianity must have a name already. My question is what is it. I vaguely suspect that Christiantiy minus Christ is Judaism.

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What is the name for belief when a person believes that Devil exists but is not so sure about the God part?

The short answer is confused.

One can not accept the notion of evil without existence of good.

If one believes in the existence of the Devil, then the existence of God has to be understood. This is not a question of atheism, but of confusion.

The Devil is evil and God is good. One can not believe in the Devil and evil with the opposite being held not to exist.

  • So you are saying that in Christian terms the God is an alias for good. Commented Dec 1, 2023 at 16:32

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