What does the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints lack in Christ oriented teachings or doctrine to be considered a Christian church for those who claim otherwise?

Maybe it's not what they lack in teaching but what they teach that changes the definition of Christ. What would those be?

My thoughts on the biggest issue I could find of making God to be more humanlike:

This church teaches Christ to be the Savior of the world, the God of Salvation, the Author of faith, the Creator, etc. They teach Christ as a mediator between us and God the Father as Christ taught. They have separated God the Father and Jesus Christ as two separate persons with separate bodies. They have also declared that getting a body is a step of glorification and making one holy. Another way of saying making us more like God. All of these are scripturally founded in the bible.

To DEHUMANIZE some one is permission to treat them less than yourself. An evil to Christian ideals and an evil that God does not practice. Christ taught contrary to dehumanizing ideals and lifted all people to an equal ground of worth and relationship to Himself.

If making God more like us or God's desire to make us more like Him is the issue, why does this ideal not conflict with Christ's teachings or the bible? We were created in their image, the prophets reference God as having a head, hands, arms, a heart, tears, eyes, ears, etc. all over the bible. From what I can tell, the prophets in the bible spent a lot of time emphasizing the likeness of God and ourselves being married to him and he being jealous of our thoughts and desires. Not to some vague unidentified creature we call God but to a defined creature that resembles us so we can relate to and enjoin with God.

God has spent a lot of effort to humanize us into beings he loves and wants to be one with us as Christ and God the Father are one. This has settled this issue for me in that there is no conflict of Christ's teachings and believing we can become like Him thereby making this concept Christian at heart. Christ was killed for teaching this. Any dogma to preach otherwise is to demean God's creation, destroy the relationship God is creating, and dehumanizes mankind to a state less than their potential / purpose which seems the intent of a Satanic work, not a Christian ideal.