From the official repository of the International Council on Biblical Inerrancy (ICBI) we can see the list signers for the 1978 Chicago Statement on Biblical Inerrancy out of over 300 who attended Summit I on Oct 26-28, 1978.

But there is no mention of signers for the 1982 Chicago Statement on Biblical Hermeneutics although the repository homepage said "approximately one hundred people attended [Summit II] and adopted [the statement]". The 1984 book Hermeneutics, Inerrancy, and the Bible, containing papers presented at Summit II, the statement, and other materials, does not contain a list of signers either. Nor is it mentioned in the related Wikipedia article.

The question: Who signed the 1982 Chicago Statement on Biblical Hermeneutics?

I think the question is important since the Biblical Hermeneutics statement places more restriction on how the Chicago doctrine of Inerrancy is applied to Evangelical exegesis, especially with regards to Genesis 1-11 (Article XXII).

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I emailed [email protected] (owner/source of articles from OP) asking for signatures and this is the response

List of Signatures for the ICBI Chicago Statement on Biblical Hermeneutics, 1982 (The typed list found in the collection was incomplete. This list was compiled by Lolana Thompson, and might contain errors due to illegible writing, typographical errors, or omissions. 3/25/2009)

  • Allen, Ronald B.
  • Archer, Gleason L.
  • Barker, Kenneth L.
  • Beck, W. David
  • Bell, W. [William] E., Jr.
  • Boice, James M.
  • Borror, James A.
  • Bradley, Walter L.
  • Capper, LeRoy S.
  • Caster, Dick
  • Clowney, Edmund P.
  • Clutter, Ronald T.
  • Congdon, James R.
  • Corduan, Winifred
  • Davis, John J.
  • Dayton, Wilber T.
  • DeVries, Robert K.
  • Dockery, David S.
  • Douglass, David R.
  • Drescher, Charles Daniel
  • Ecklebarger, Kermit A.
  • Erickson. Millard
  • Feinberg, Charles Lee
  • Feinberg, John S.
  • Feinberg, Paul D.
  • Gardner, Lynn
  • Geisler, Norman L.
  • Grimstead, Jay
  • Grudem, Wayne A.
  • Gruenler, Royce G.
  • Gundry, Stanley N.
  • Hanna, Mark M.
  • Hare, George W.
  • Helm, Paul
  • Henry, Carl F. H.
  • Hesselgrave, David J.
  • Hoehner, Harold W.
  • Hoke, Donald E.
  • Hoyt, Karen
  • Inch, Morris
  • Jenson, Ronald A.
  • Johnson, Alan F.
  • Johnson, Elliott
  • Johnson, John F.
  • Johnson, Paul C.
  • Johnson, S. Lewis, Jr.
  • Kelbey, David B.
  • Kerr, Eugene G.
  • Kik, Frank N.
  • Klooster, Fred H.
  • Knevel, Andries
  • Knight, George W., III
  • Krabbendam, Henry
  • Kuhn, Harold B.
  • Kullenz (or perhaps Kulleny), S.
  • Lewis, Gordon R.
  • Lindsell, Harold
  • Lindsley, Arthur
  • Lutzer, Erwin W.
  • MacArthur, John
  • MacRae, Allan A.
  • Marquart, Kurt
  • Mayhue, Richard L.
  • McBride, Betty
  • McCarthy, Daryl E.
  • McDowell, Josh D.
  • McQuilkin, Robertson
  • Mitchell, Daniel R.
  • Moeller, Reinhard
  • Moreland, J. [James] P.
  • Morgan, Brian G.
  • Nicole, Roger
  • Orr, Robert D.
  • Ortlund, Raymond C.
  • Osborne, Grant
  • Packer James I.
  • Palau, Luis
  • Patterson, Paige
  • Payne, Ed [Franklin Ed, Jr.]
  • Pement, Eric N.
  • Phillips, W. Gary
  • Poythress, Vern S.
  • Preus, Robert
  • Radmacher, Earl D.
  • Ramsey, Christopher J.
  • Rawley, Philip E.
  • Reed, Jeff R.
  • Richter, Bryan H.
  • Robinson, Haddon W.
  • Rogers, Adrian
  • Saucy, Robert L.
  • Scaer, David P.
  • Scharfe, Ronald C.
  • Schatz, Frederic R.
  • Shackleford, Karen R.
  • Smith, Morton (? H.)
  • Smith, Robert W.
  • Stevens, Ronnie Collier
  • Sutcliffe, Harry J.
  • Taylor, G. Aiken
  • Udd, Stan
  • Uenuma, Masao
  • Wacker, Frederick G., (? Jr.)
  • Walker, Larry L.
  • Walt, John
  • Walvoord, John F.
  • Weber, S. K.
  • Whitlock, Luder G.
  • Wilkinson, Bruce H.
  • Youngblood, Ronald
  • Zuck, Roy B.
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    Wow, out of the box thinking :-). Also impressed on how fast they respond. Maybe they often received that query. Hopefully one day they update their repository home page, even though it's incomplete. Jul 18, 2022 at 18:33

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