It's pretty clear that the Cardinal from Chicago has an appetite for allowing random and illicit things to happen under the guise of Vatican II. And he has clamped down on Traditional Latin Mass and Ad Orientum Masses because of the moto proprio Traditiones Custodes.

So, what, other than their conscience, is preventing priests in the Diocese of Chicago from celebrating Mass according to whatever customs they desire (replacing bubbles and a pogo-stick with turifers and the aspergillum)? Why wouldn't celebrating TLM just be considered yet another liturgical abuse allowed as a means to connect with the faithful?

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    I don't think this is really a question anyone can answer for as long as Cdl. Cupich doesn't publicly explain himself Jun 27 at 18:46
  • @supportive maybe it could be answered is a broad sweeping fashion? I guess what I'm wonder is - is the TLM technically closer to the by-the-book NO than the by-the-book NO is to the fun-and-fancy-free NO?
    – Peter Turner
    Jun 27 at 20:22
  • Some might impute plain malice. That is, bishops can be not good people. How else can clownish masses be considered valid, but the Mass of Pope St. Pius V be considered in any way an 'abuse?' Jun 30 at 18:06


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