Let's say that a person testifies that they were miraculously healed of X. One way to validate their testimony is to have access to the medical records before and after the healing of X took place. Are there any such cases where the medical records have been made publicly accessible, e.g. on a website so that anyone may have direct access to them and see for themselves the medical evidence?

Note: this question is inspired by the article Before-and-After Medical Records - Are healing claims documented?

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  • I am sure there are some. But it requires looking into many many case to find them. Some people prefer privacy.
    – Ken Graham
    Commented Apr 25, 2022 at 14:20

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Probably not... I think you're going to run up against some legal/privacy issues if you want the medical records of people to be made public knowledge. On the other hand, doctors can often track down and examine the documentation firsthand, for example there is a group of researchers working on gathering medically verifiable data. You can find their total findings to date here, although not every article is free to access. However, two specific, articles from different medical journals that examine medically documented cases are accessible in full here, and here.

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