I am looking for a Bible gathering commentaries of the Church Fathers verse by verse. Is there such a book or website?

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    This is available online, but requires a login. I assume logins can be attributed to students or other deserving persons. Duke University. A second hand copy of the Romans volume (Edward Bray) is available for £20.99.
    – Nigel J
    Feb 15 at 13:59

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The Catena Bible is freely available both at the linked website and as an app for Android and iOS, and provides related patristic commentaries for each verse.


The Ancient Christian Commentary on Scripture is the leading commentary series collecting the church fathers. At 29 volumes would be a big investment to buy, but most theological colleges/seminaries probably have a copy. It's also available in Accordance for $329USD and Logos for $500USD.


Newbie can't comment, but Laridian has the Ancient Christian Commentary for $150 https://www.laridian.com/catalog/products/PCDACCS.asp. Buy once, use on multiple platforms. Not connected except by being a happy customer.


Joanna Manley's The Bible and the Holy Fathers probably comes closest to what you are looking for, although it only covers those Old Testament readings that fall within the Eastern Orthodox lectionary.

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